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Cooking and Vacuum Demo

Try it for yourself is the motto that unites all the "Demo" that we organize.
That professional chefs come on stage and do a demo of a cooking show, a show theme ideal for beginners or for small groups and non-guided lessons able to get close to the machines chosen to use them at the highest levels

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Host 2015

open pavilions for the 39th edition of the International Fair of Hospitality, Host 2015
To make this unmissable event synergy with the World Expo Event That Brought Millions of visitors expected from ALL over the world.
We could not miss such an event Cosi.

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Events we organize and Expo we take part

Our key word is THERE.
Encourage the client through training courses and free shoowrooms of high national and international level is the only way to ensure that you achieve a high degree of satisfaction, and satisfaction becomes synonymous with loyalty and growth.