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Ours is a company founded in 2000

Thanks to the commitment and passion for what we aim to do with the time we collected our fruits becoming a point of reference for professionals and practitioners.

Specialists in the design and manufacture of furniture Bar, Kitchens, Shops, Restaurants and the community in general provide complete solutions shaping the emotions.

our business philosophy is continuous testimony of the Made in Italy, great concepts, excellent quality and high performance associated with the time factor are the hallmarks of a real criterion of efficiency and innovation.

‹‹You ask me what it means Italian style. Agreement means of lines and sense of proportion, simplicity and harmony of lines, so that when there has been a considerable amount of time you can still see something that is more alive the memory of beauty››.
Cit. Pinin Farina

Pluris designs and decorate your bar or restaurant in Avellino

Specializing in the production of furniture bars, kitchens, shops, restaurants and the community, the company Pluris Ltd. for 15 years is a benchmark for professionals and practitioners HO.RE.CA. We spoke with the director Luigi De Santis.

Founded in 2000, the Pluris collaborates brand stand out in line with its corporate philosophy of wanting to represent the value of the "Made in Italy" exporting this concept abroad in time. The constant effort, the passion and the desire to grow the company opened a new and important partnerships, all with the goal to offer customers the most powerful and innovative available.

What do you think are your strengths??
‹‹Our corporate philosophy is to be the constant witness of the "made in Italy" - explains the CEO and founder of Pluris Srl, Luigi De Santis - To this aim efficiency and innovation. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to offer the customer a final work to every detail, leaving nothing to chance, making a simple project to become a successful realization. A goal achieved mainly thanks to the commitment and passion in, and that allows us to export this model of our reality irpina worldwide, with great satisfaction››.

You focus on what your job??
‹‹We manage projects and contract. We focus in particular on the segment (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering), ie the distribution channel that supplies the stores. Our services are held at 360 °, supporting the customer at all stages of project definition, installation by our technicians, testing and after-sales maintenance. We offer our customers tools of growth and knowledge through the organization of cooking demo. Furthermore we transfer to the customer the concept of maintenance, essential for an accurate management of the equipment over time. The customer is well supported in every phase of its activity››.

How are your professional relationships??
‹‹From the careful and constant participation in national and international fairs. I find it increasingly necessary to invest in this area because you can get in touch with different realities and to enhance its expertise. The demo that we organize give us the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious chefs. But above all we focus on new recruits, organizing demos of innovative cooking systems and courses in catering establishments. And 'necessary to spread awareness of its work tools and understand the potential for future activities››.

What are your target market and what are the future expectations?
‹‹We do not normally restrict the circle, we intend to "do well" whatever our customer. Some examples of all could be the Hard Rock in Florence, Vicolo crazy in Avellino, in the Gastronomo Ponteromito, the Campus DINNER and Antica Osteria Ernesto Palmieri in Nusco, in short, great reality all born from the same ability to support the 'user in finding a project that wants to start and so consolidate our presence in this area. The most important challenge is expressed with the factor of time and we want to be››.

The services offered by Pluris ranging from design, training and updating, installation, maintenance, after-sales service, providing customers with the best Italian and international brands of equipment for cooking, refrigeration, washing and everything needed Spaces for catering.

Article edited by Lino Sorrentini Communication..

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