Catering Equipment

Stella Polare

Sandwich Shop

Start of Work: Dicembre 2015
End of Work: Gennaio 2016
Customer: Sig. C. La Pastina

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After the success of the film "Welcome to the South", we are pleased to introduce sandwich Polaris that becomes a reference point for tourists and patrons who choose to visit one of the most beautiful villages of Cilento. In January 2016, the Polar Star begins to shine showcasing the flavors of the local tradition.


Castellabate is a beautiful country with its ancient squares and rich in history, the same thing goes for business premises which retain the same conformation proving rather austere in respect of the activities that a restaurant owner would want to play. Here, the most difficult task was to set up a laboratory that would allow our customers to work better.
But the result is rewarding, in the middle of a square, a small candy complete with everything you need to run by skilled workers has its own light.

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