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Public House

Public House Fisciano

Start of work: Luglio 2013
End of work: Ottobre 2013
Customer: Food and Drink

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A Fisciano, the 11.16.2013 will open the doors to the Irish-style pub, the Public House.
             What better place for lovers of jazz, where he spent a pleasant evening, between good music and good food ?!


Strategic location for the influx of people, in this case very close to the university pub.
             Menus by great expectations, sandwiches and fried dishes in demand.
             Managing a room that has 100 seats and make impeccable service is the key to winning.              Large kitchen, equipped for small and large machines working at a fast pace, after one year since we should be gratified of reviews posted on the web ..
             The Public House is a place where the skill of the chef is matched to our machines, highly professional and undisputed protagonists of the success of the local.

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