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Progetto + Srl

Start of work: Ottobre 2014
End of work: Novembre 2014
Customer: Progetto + Srl

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We are in Santo Stefano del Sole in the province of Avellino, a small town that in 2014 welcomes gastronomic activity of the company Project +.


To serve those who love good food and drink good wine the request of our client already expert in wines that materializes again his knowledge with this new venue.
A fully distributed and well equipped that nothing prevents the different cooks who cross the threshold.
A precise logic for the preparation of the dishes, clean lines to allow those who work within the "local cuisine" not to affect the work of its employees.
Accompany a good glass of wine with some delicacy or chopping local products prepared at the moment is the ideal condition, drinking on an empty stomach is not covered, the more effort it was well distributed spaces so that everything can be done at the right time and meet people tastefully choose project +.

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