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Palazzo Petrucci

Pizzeria Palazzo Petrucci

Start of work: Marzo 2014
End of work: Aprile 2014
Customer: Turn S.r.l.

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In Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Naples continues the cult of Pizza and opens on 16/04 at "Pizzeria Palazzo Petrucci"
The idea: to create a pizza with the canons of a restaurant, even the restaurant Palazzo Petrucci.


How to make a pizza at one of the most beautiful squares of Naples and in a historical building, minimalist decor?
Here's the choice of essential products and unique, make it a cozy Pizzeria, fine and affordable for everyone.
The angle Salami and Cheese takes shape and gives elegance thanks to windows that enhance and confirm product quality.
The area pizzeria, an open space that welcomes guests and invites them to eat what master craftsmen create using our products from preparation to cooking and storage.
Innovation once again goes well with tradition.

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