Catering Equipment

100 Montaditos Mirabella


Start of Work: Aprile 2016
End of Work: Maggio 2016
Customer: Il Carro Srl

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Montaditos Iberian chain "mounts" the curtains ushering in Italy several points entrusting to us April 29, 2016 the opening of two of them, 100 Montaditos The Chariot - Mirabella Eclano and 100 Montaditos Desenzano.


Be quick!
100 Montaditos is a Spanish chain that is expanding its operations in Italy.
The only obstacle appears to be the time yet on the same day, we can guarantee the opening of two points between them 800km away.
Primarily our task was the supply and installation of machines dedicated to the preparation, storage and cooking of various products 100 Montaditos offers on their menus.
We can be satisfied, a beautiful reality that of 100 Montadidos which includes our company among its suppliers.

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