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Fruits Boutique

Start of Work: Novembre 2015
End of Work: Dicembre 2015
Customer: I. Ficociello

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A new concept of the Fruit and Vegetable Market ..
born in Avellino Fruits Frais, The Good Life of Ivan Ficociello, an inspiration taste rich window of a grocery artist involving Avellino, and not only, to healthy eating.


A location very small by embellishing with high-performance machines.
By combis, all'abbattitore temperature at the hot / cold exposure windows for the right exposure and preservation of foods, for the smoothies, juices and cream machines.
E'doveroso to praise the patrons who chose the equipment first considering the quality, and allowed us to guide them in the purchase of functional equipment and high tech.
The good life is in fact a fruit boutique, a taste showcase that seduces and invites to feed according to a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being.

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