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Famiglia Morra

Start of work: Dicembre 2014
End of work: Gennaio 2015
Customer: Famiglia Morra

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Fuori Grotta, Naples, in a beautiful apartment in the center the Morra family chooses to set up their kitchen in a professional manner and with style, on for the first time the stove in the kitchen Gastronauti January 2015.


Unusual create a professional kitchen for a family, yet great project !!
The key word was "associate", ensure that the common domestic habits could take place in an environment where even a chef would feel at ease.
A full kitchen in all parts of machines of great performances, from chrome to fry top vacuum machine, the counter freezer to oven GN2 / 1, products that stimulate the creativity of those who use them and they do well to understand the passion of this family in respect of the art kitchen, a passion that is produced through techniques, knowledge and imaginative abilities.

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