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Start of work: Maggio 2015
End of work: Giugno 2015
Customer: Rastor Srl

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Avellino celebrates the advent of hot summer in 2015 and inaugurated the new premises "The two forks".
We are in the Gallery Ercolino the course of the town and it is here that the 06/17/2015 ignite the fires of the new kitchen.


Many new openings involving the City of Avellino, so many beautiful locations and good a la carte menu, and how to make a room more attractive than another?
Let's start valuing the room, large, bright and extremely charming with wines exhibited in modular bottler that stand at the center of the same and do not obstruct the view, space neat and clean but above all comfortable.
Stimulate the sense of taste is not easy, and then we give space to the views !!
The materials used, the choice of sofas, coating and all you will see is the best way to describe the two forks.

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