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Start of work: Febbraio 2015
End of work: Marzo 2015
Customer: Concept Kitchen

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Avellino, the Green Irpinia, the 03/18/2015 welcomes "Fadrí" and organic cuisine.
Franco Ciampi with advice from chefs and cooks, prepares and continually renews their windows with tasty meals and inviting prepared with top quality products and seasonal.


Eating "Bio" is undoubtedly synonymous with eating well.
  The particular attention to the seasonality and the need to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the products has led us to create a small laboratory made it big by machines placed inside, the fryers, baked, from shock to the cell for storing food ..

A real assembly line to Fadrí juggling but does not alter the products, showing them to the citizen Irpinia daily in a warm and bright as the food makes you feel at home.

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