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Dubl Wine Bar

Start of work: Marzo 2014
End of work: Giugno 2014
Customer: Feudi di San Gregorio

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Capodichino Airport, a large user base in the move, the 01/07/2014 welcomes "Dubl"
A fine showcase for the Capodichino Wine Bar branded Feudi which is proposed as a goal to make known to our country and not only the art of knowing how to make wine that Feudi lover long.


Intoxicated by the project and alongside professionals in a few months we open the doors of the new wine bar, a cozy and refined in all its details.
The bar counter, focal point of local strikes and attracts not only lovers of wine but also those who want to dedicate a moment to relax in a place with clean and elegant well arise and combining the best taste and the Beautiful.

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