Catering Equipment


Culinary School of Italy

Start of work: Ottobre 2012
End of work: Gennaio 2013
Customer: Comune di Nusco

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Nusco, a small village in Irpinia 06/14/2014 celebrates the "Dinner".
The campus food and wine fruit idea ambitious Chef starry Antonio Pisaniello is a center for training, research and experimentation for the development of culinary excellence Irpinia.


Armed with experience gained over time Pluris We have embraced the project and provided a complete package.
The pride of the structure is the classroom, a real cooking workshop where lovers of the area can plunge into the world of cuisine under the guidance of teachers chef;
The dining room is a relaxing environment where you can taste the concepts applied in the kitchen;
The conference room, relaxation areas and the rooms are equipped with every comfort, made without neglecting any detail.

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