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Fratelli La Bufala

Pizza and Restaurant

Start of Work: Giugno 2015
End of Work: Luglio 2015

Customer: Rastor Srl

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Casagiove 2015, other opening for "Fratelli la Bufala - Pizzaioli Emigrants" which in September has decided to inaugurate the new premises and continue like this for years now started a project, to be ambassadors of the "Neapolitan" in the world.


Citing what the client says:
"We are convinced businessmen to win the collective approval of the business challenge and the standardized food. We are not a chain, but a network of restaurants that remain faithful to the identity of the brand while maintaining each one's uniqueness"

Fratelli la Bufala is YES synonymous with buffalo meat, mozzarella and pizza but also beverage.
Involved in the new project we met to equip the kitchen area, central to the hall, articulated for the necessary equipment to the various preparations but well structured, suitable to serve in a short time all of them attracted by the menu.
From fryers, to the plates, from the fires in the oven, from the spaces dedicated to the preparations to those of conservation, a central kitchen that even if it develops on the surface of a polygon holding the 360 ​​° step !!

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