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Be Food

Casina del Principe

Start of work: Giugno 2014
End of work: Giugno 2014
Customer: Ass. Segninversi

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Avellino, Casina Prince, the ancient "Tavern" place of pleasure of Prince Caracciolo still lives.
Thanks to the project promoted by the cultural Segninversi the 25/06/2014 "Be Food 'tells of food and start a sensory journey in the name of local products and local resources Irpinia.


To revive the old shops, make them even once a meeting place of the arts.
Interesting project that has stimulated our curiosity, making what was once a stable professional kitchen, hence our Being food, few cars with great potential that make the kitchen a laboratory where cultures of the chefs who create their own dishes you They meet and innovate.

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