Catering Equipment

Antica Osteria

di Ernesto Palmieri

Start of work: Agosto 2010
End of work: Settembre 2010
Customer: Ernesto Palmieri

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In a very nice street in the town of Nusco, in 2010 founded the '' Antica Osteria Ernesto Palmieri " a cozy little place where good taste is king.
The owner Ernesto, an artist of the pizza we chose to start his business.


Local characteristic, mainly oriented to serve pizza.
The pizzas are a continual surprise of the tavern, stuffed with products that are processed in different ways, which is why it also plays important role in the kitchen.
We have introduced a few machines that make possible the many preparations not only for pizza but also and perhaps especially for the mise en place of the typical dishes of the menu offered the inn.
This time high-tech machines in the service of tradition.

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