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Start of work: Maggio 2015
End of work: Giugno 2015
Customer: LSM SRL

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The Alleria involves Benevento on 06/26/2015.
Singular name and definitely one of the lively new restaurant that attracts to itself the young Benevento.


It is not easy to set up small spaces and offer a complete service.
Alleria instead presents itself as a refined and versatile location, is the winery, is the brewery, is jazzeria, is pub is a meeting place for young people and for those who want to spend hours in good company.

- The main entrance enhanced by beautiful rack for wine glasses and big shelf inviting friends Alleria to sit down and to rely on the wisdom of managers.
  - The counter and back counter foiled walls who dress too nice for the selection of coatings that form and function are spaces to occupy, Teke and accommodation for entering valuable bottles.

- The smaller rooms, arranged with taste are equally relaxing environment where you can listen to the live music provided by this great little local.

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